VOGUE HONG KONG | 3000元以下就能入手的寶藏腋下袋!Blackpink Jennie愛這個品牌更甚Chanel?


相信每個女人手袋收藏中都有一個腋下袋underarm bag,除了它是90年代風格回潮的標誌,經過一大群It Girls(如Kendall Jenner、Kaia Gerber和K-pop idols)的示範,著實證明了一個腋下袋時尚又實用的魅力。

因此到了2021夏天,underarm bag的熱潮證明還沒有減退,無論Alessandro Michele重振的經典Gucci “Jackie 1961″、還是Prada的 “Re-edition 2005 Nylon Bag “、Cleo又或者是Dior的 “Saddle “和Fendi的”Baguette “、Celine的Ava等等,還在你的願望清單上或已經實現;你的夏天還可以又更多的underarm bag選擇。原來經常出現在韓星和超模私服中的腋下袋都是來自小眾品牌,而且款式花樣齊全,並且不到$3000就能入手!

「人間香奈兒」Blackpink Jennie出鏡最多的手袋自然是Chanel,但有一款看不出牌子的腋下袋由於太常出現在Jennie的日常造型中,儼然成為了天然的代言人,甚至令粉絲懷疑這個品牌就是Jennie自己創立的!

What makes underarm bags so appealing in 2021? The answer lies in their modern practicality and high cost-effectiveness, with even "Human Chanel" Jennie sporting a style that costs less than $3000!

It is believed that every woman's handbag collection includes an underarm bag. Apart from being a symbol of the 90s revival, it has proven its fashionable and practical charm through the demonstration of a large group of It Girls such as Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and K-pop idols.

Therefore, in the summer of 2021, the underarm bag trend shows no signs of waning. Whether it's Alessandro Michele's revitalized classic Gucci "Jackie 1961," Prada's "Re-edition 2005 Nylon Bag," Cleo, Dior's "Saddle," Fendi's "Baguette," Celine's Ava, and more, they are either on your wish list or already in your possession. Your summer can have even more options for underarm bags. It turns out that the underarm bags frequently seen in the wardrobes of Korean stars and supermodels come from niche brands, with a wide range of styles available, and you can get them for less than $3000!

"Human Chanel" Blackpink's Jennie is often seen with Chanel handbags, but there is one underarm bag that doesn't reveal the brand name. It has appeared so frequently in Jennie's daily outfits that it has become a natural spokesperson, even making fans wonder if this brand is Jennie's own creation!



這個新生代的韓國小眾品牌Nieeth除了手袋外還有服飾單品也深受韓星喜愛,然而Jennie最愛的這款Ice Bag除了黑白大地色系外還有少女心十足的香芋紫色,點綴也可以用來斜揹的透明鏈條和串珠是這個手袋的標誌。

This Korean niche brand, Nieeth, is beloved not only for its handbags but also for its clothing pieces by Korean stars. Jennie's favorite, the Ice Bag, comes in classic black, white, and earth tones, as well as a delightful lavender color that exudes a youthful charm. The signature of this handbag lies in its embellishments, which include a transparent chain and beaded strap that can be worn diagonally.


Staud這個洛杉磯品牌相信許多時裝愛好者都不陌生,由曾經擔任造型師的Sarah Staudinger於2015年創立,其服飾到風靡Instagram的透明手提袋、水桶袋等令其成為了中價品牌的人氣王,「小眾」也變得不再那麼準確。

今次要推介的Staud單品是Kendall Jenner都屢次出街示範的串珠underarm bag,彩色印花串珠的設計令其夏日感十足,充滿熱帶和度假的感覺可點亮整套素色的造型,一定有一款印花能符合你心意。

Staud, a Los Angeles-based brand, is no stranger to fashion enthusiasts. Founded by former stylist Sarah Staudinger in 2015, its clothing line, along with popular items like transparent tote bags and bucket bags that have taken Instagram by storm, has made it the king of mid-priced brands. The term "niche" is no longer an accurate description.

One Staud item worth mentioning is the beaded underarm bag frequently showcased by Kendall Jenner. The colorful beaded design gives it a summery vibe, evoking a tropical and vacation feel that can elevate an entire monochromatic outfit. There's bound to be a print that captures your heart.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 22: Kendall Jenner is seen in NoHo on March 22, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)] 



Belysa是另一個來自韓國的小眾品牌,連太妍和泫雅都愛上了這家的迷你袋。甜美的色系和嬌小的尺寸,搭配由透明珠珠串成的揹帶,其中還用撞色鏈條裝點,連細節處也超時髦,十分適合夏天。當然如果追求實用性的話,仍然可以選擇中號的Bijou Bag,揹在腋下同樣亮眼。

Belysa is another Korean niche brand, even adored by Taeyeon and HyunA for their mini bags. With a sweet color palette and petite size, adorned with a strap made of transparent beads and complemented by contrasting chain accents, even the smallest details exude a high level of sophistication. It's perfect for the summer. Of course, if practicality is your priority, you can still opt for the medium-sized Bijou Bag, which shines just as brightly when worn under the arm.



來自紐約的advene並沒有太多的產品種類,但發佈一款手袋就立刻被Hailey Bieber揹上,是值得關注的新進品牌。其簡約的線條和顏色適合極簡主義愛好者,而除了「餃子袋」外,有一款薄身而型格的underarm bag吸引了我們的注意。

From New York, advene doesn't have a wide range of products, but as soon as they released a handbag, Hailey Bieber was seen carrying it, making it a noteworthy emerging brand. Its minimalistic lines and colors are perfect for minimalist enthusiasts. Apart from the "dumpling bag," there's a sleek and stylish underarm bag that caught our attention.


img source: advene official website

Danse Lente

倫敦的Danse Lente是近年潮人熱棒的品牌之一,醒目配色、簡單線條設計加上巧目的輪廓在一眾underarm bag中十分突出。之前非常受歡迎的方扣水桶袋就是出自這裡!

Danse Lente from London is one of the trendy brands of recent years, with its eye-catching color schemes, simple lines, and distinctive silhouettes making its underarm bags stand out among the crowd. The previously popular buckle bucket bag is from here!


Stand Oil

韓國真的是小眾和親民價品牌的寶藏之地,Stand Oil是可以媲美大品牌質感的小眾手袋品牌,連Krystal也非常喜歡。除了標準的半月型手袋款式,其中有一款可以揹在腋下的大容量手袋值得入手,Oblong Bag 除了內膽容量大之外,也有兩個內袋,方便裝入不同小物。

Korea is truly a treasure trove of niche and affordable brands. Stand Oil is a niche handbag brand that rivals the quality of big brands and is even loved by Krystal. In addition to the standard crescent-shaped handbag style, there's a large-capacity underarm bag that's worth getting, called the Oblong Bag. Apart from its spacious interior, it also features two inner pockets for convenient organization. 


除了歐美和韓國外,本地也有小眾手袋品牌選擇。來自香港和紐約的JÚNEE也有簡約且大氣的underarm bag,除了皮革肩帶外品牌還最新推出了金屬鏈條的版本。

Apart from Europe, America, and Korea, there are also local options for niche handbag brands. JÚNEE, hailing from Hong Kong and New York, offers minimalist and elegant underarm bags. In addition to leather straps, the brand has recently introduced a version with a metal chain strap. 

3000元以下就能入手的寶藏腋下袋!Blackpink Jennie愛這個品牌更甚Chanel?

 3000元以下就能入手的寶藏腋下袋!Blackpink Jennie愛這個品牌更甚Chanel?

 3000元以下就能入手的寶藏腋下袋!Blackpink Jennie愛這個品牌更甚Chanel?


We're so excited to announce that we have recently been featured in Vogue Hong Kong, in the article "Niche underarm bags under $3000(HKD)", written by Cherry Mui. We've always believed in the beauty and quality of our handbags, and it's amazing now to be featured among the others. Check out the full article here.

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