「女人的手袋代表著她的一生」嗎?與 JÚNEE 創辦人談女人、手袋與名牌 | Left In Monfalcone

今日這篇文章為第一次嘗試人物訪問,混合個人隨筆的形式。很高興請到香港手袋品牌 JÚNEE 的創辦人之一 Florence 分享她對女人、手袋和名牌的看法。女性讀者可一窺造袋的人如何看待包包市場,而男性讀者可當了解下女人為何肯花幾千至幾萬蚊買個手袋。

Today's article is an experimental blend of a personal essay and a character interview. I am delighted to have the opportunity to interview Florence, one of the founders of JÚNEE, a Hong Kong handbag brand. Florence will share her perspectives on women, handbags, and luxury brands. Female readers can catch a glimpse of how bag designers perceive the handbag market, while male readers can gain insight into why women are willing to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on a handbag.


早於一年多前,我剛執筆寫 Left in Monfalcone 無耐,一日收到讀者的訊息,推介我看一個手袋品牌 JÚNEE。創辦人兼設計師 Florence Tsui 聯繫上我,才發現原來這品牌由兩位分別駐居紐約和香港的女性合作創辦。半年後,我和 Florence 約出來喝了杯咖啡,暢談幾小時,說了有關女人、手袋和牌子的一切。

Over a year ago, shortly after I began writing "Left in Monfalcone," I received a message from a reader recommending a handbag brand called JÚNEE. I contacted the founder and designer, Florence Tsui, and discovered that this brand was founded by two women residing in New York and Hong Kong respectively. Six months later, Florence and I met for a cup of coffee and had a lively discussion for hours, covering everything about women, handbags, and brands.

首先聲明,Haizi 對時裝品牌等事情認知不深,你見我講來講去都是 GUCCI ring 就明,所以這並非時尚深度文。由大學畢業出社會工作開始,眼見身邊女性朋友們的裝備配件,有如 RPG 打機主角般逐漸升級,而我的自身形象亦經歷了不同階段而有所變化,可以分享一下心路歷程。我自問風格為歐式隨意又帶點心機前衛(笑),並尤其喜歡豹紋。一直本著將衣物穿上身,感到自在舒適,自覺時尚即可之心態,所以對品牌時裝沒什研究,但喜歡觀察與思考背後的意思。

First and foremost, I must declare that I don't possess an in-depth knowledge of fashion brands and the like. You can tell from my repeated mention of the GUCCI ring that my understanding is rather shallow, so this is not a profound fashion piece. Since graduating from university and entering the workforce, I have witnessed the gradual upgrading of accessories among my female friends, akin to RPG game characters. My own self-image has also undergone various stages of transformation, and I would like to share my personal journey. I consider my style to be casually European with a touch of avant-garde (laughs), and I particularly love leopard prints. I have always adopted an attitude of wearing clothes that make me feel comfortable and at ease, with a sense that fashion is about being oneself. Therefore, I haven't delved deeply into branded fashion, but I do enjoy observing and contemplating the underlying meanings.

話說以前我有位朋友,畢業不久已開始挽 Chanel 款和 Cartier 手鐲,過幾年甚至挽上個 Hermès。不過由於我一向缺乏名牌雷達,接收不到她渾身名貴的訊號。由於經常出入健身房做運動的關係,當時我很渴望買個能上班用,型格兼裝到跑鞋水瓶衣服的背包。看見 Coet & Ciel 的 Moselle 就一見鍾情,立即買下。但身邊朋友一致劣評,得過像鑊鏟、垃圾袋、龜殼等評價。不過我仍然深愛,至今已經換過兩個同款不同材質。

Speaking of which, I used to have a friend who, not long after graduation, started sporting Chanel bags and Cartier bracelets, and a few years later, even acquired a Hermès. However, due to my lack of a luxury brand radar, I couldn't pick up on the signals of her highly valuable possessions. At that time, I frequented the gym and was eager to find a backpack that was stylish and versatile enough to accommodate my work essentials, running shoes, water bottle, and clothes. When I saw Coet & Ciel's Moselle, it was love at first sight, and I immediately made the purchase. However, my friends around me unanimously criticized it, comparing it to a shovel, a garbage bag, and a turtle shell. Nevertheless, I still deeply love it and have since replaced it with two versions of the same design but with different materials.

coet & Ciel backpack

(圖片來源:Coet & Ciel)


還記得有一日,我背著 Coet & Ciel 見這位朋友,她面帶厭棄,語重心長對我說:「你知道嗎,女人的袋子就代表著她的一生。」語氣像恨鐵不成鋼的母親,覺得我的袋子不上道,望能說服我打扮得莊重一下。

Remember that one day, I was carrying my Coet & Ciel bag when I met this friend of mine. She looked at me with disdain and said in a serious tone, "Do you know that a woman's handbag represents her entire life?" Her tone was like that of a disappointed mother, thinking that my bag was not up to par and hoping to convince me to dress more elegantly. 


對她的說話,我當然有些少介意,畢竟一是直接批評我的品味,二是間接批評我的人生。不過我沒因此改變風格,繼續挽我的 Coet & Ciel。幾年後經朋友介紹,入手一個瑞士 Freitag 兄弟製造的環保卡車帆布包,亦適合我到處跟不同公司企業合作,隨時帶備相機電腦等工作模式。偶爾我會用一下家姐的 FENDI 小袋,媽媽的 vintage PRADA,上年購入的 STAUD 前衛青綠色腋下包,和男友早前買給我的 COACH x Jean Michel Basquiat。

Of course, I was somewhat bothered by her words. After all, she was directly criticizing my taste and indirectly criticizing my life choices. However, I didn't change my style because of it. I continued to carry my Coet & Ciel bag. A few years later, through a friend's recommendation, I got my hands on an environmentally friendly truck tarpaulin bag made by the Swiss brand Freitag. It was suitable for me as I constantly collaborated with different companies and needed to carry my camera, computer, and other work essentials. Occasionally, I would use my sister's FENDI mini bag, my mom's vintage PRADA, the avant-garde green STAUD bag I purchased last year, or the COACH x Jean Michel Basquiat bag that my boyfriend bought for me.

 the coolector freitag

(圖片來源:The Coolector。比起名牌,我更喜歡咩所謂「潮牌」(笑)。來自瑞士的 Freitag 品牌,所有包款採⽤回收材質製成,個個獨一無二,環保又有型。)

(Picture Source: The Coolector. Instead of luxury brands, I prefer what they call "streetwear" (laughs). The Swiss brand Freitag uses recycled materials to make their bags, and each one is unique, environmentally friendly, and stylish.)

 coach jean michel basquiat tote

(圖片來源:Coach。上年 COACH 聯乘已故美國街頭塗鴉藝術家 Jean Michel Basquiat 出的 I'm Famous 袋袋,貪佢手寫 5000,10000 夠曬過癮。)(Picture Source: Coach. Last year, COACH collaborated with the late American street graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat to create the I'm Famous bag. I couldn't resist the handwritten 5000 and 10000 on it.)


一直買袋買衣服,我只本著有用,喜歡這兩個條件而已,但每個我都珍而重之。如是者,這些年只買了這幾個「不上道」的袋子,而與 Florence 對談後,我對 JÚNEE 的袋子更感興趣了。When it comes to buying bags and clothes, I only consider whether they are useful and whether I like them. But each piece I own is cherished and valuable to me. And so, over the years, I've only bought these "not up to par" bags. However, after talking to Florence, my interest in JÚNEE's bags has grown even more.



像很多創業者一樣,Florence 開首萌生自己做袋子品牌這念頭,源自不滿市面上的大牌選擇。買過好多幾萬蚊一個的大牌手袋,用幾年就皮革甩邊,配件損壞。Florence 十幾歲開始自己車衣,畢業於理工大學時裝系,拿獎學金修讀過英國倫敦 Central Saint Martin 大學的 Fashion Design & Accessories Design 課程,正職是時裝設計師,就自然眼利。袋子如何製造,哪部分偷工減料,都瞞不過她法眼。既然自己識整,何不落手做個適合自己的袋子?於是她與工作夥伴,美籍華人 Jing Wang 萌生自創品牌這念頭。

Like many entrepreneurs, Florence's idea of starting her own bag brand stemmed from dissatisfaction with the choices offered by big brands in the market. She had bought many expensive designer handbags that cost tens of thousands of dollars, only to see the leather deteriorate and the accessories get damaged after a few years. Florence has been sewing her own clothes since she was a teenager. She graduated from a fashion program at a polytechnic university and received a scholarship to study Fashion Design & Accessories Design at Central Saint Martins in London, UK. Being a fashion designer by profession, she naturally has a keen eye. She can spot any shortcuts or compromises in the manufacturing process of bags. Since she knows how to make them herself, why not create a bag that suits her own needs? That's why she and her work partner, Jing Wang, a Chinese-American, came up with the idea to start their own brand.


junee studio gyoza bags & mini gyoza crossbody


JÚNEE 意思是六月生的女子,紀念 Florence 和 Jing 兩位雙子座創辦人同樣於六月出生。再細看,原來每個袋子都用上不同女性名字。Florence 說是代表著性格相異的幾個不同女生,有「Virtual Muse」的概念。我想像到,每當我挽起不同 JÚNEE 袋子時,就像美少女戰士變身那般,拿出變身手杖念魔法咒語,瞬間化身成另一 persona,幾乎 alter ego 的存在。

Sailor Moon - The beautiful transformation begins! Each bag is a muse girl.

JÚNEE, meaning women born in June, commemorates the twin founders Florence and Jing, who were both born in June. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that each bag is named after a different female name. Florence says it represents several different girls with contrasting personalities, embodying the concept of the "Virtual Muse." I imagine that whenever I carry a different JÚNEE bag, it's like a magical transformation, where I wield a transformation wand and recite enchanting spells, instantly assuming another persona, almost like an alter ego.

(圖片來源:Google Image Search)


FREYJA 水桶袋是 Florence 自己最喜愛的款式,亦是品牌的「Bread & Butter」,意指最受大眾歡迎,定位中性穩定的 staple 基本款,買個看門口就一定錯不了。無論小女人或英氣強人都能夠駕馭。容量剛好放得下手機、Ipad、銀包等物品,適合左右聰明成熟,獨當一面的現代女性。

FREYJA, the bucket bag, is Florence's personal favourite and the brand's "Bread & Butter," signifying its popularity and positioning as a gender-neutral staple, a reliable choice that never goes wrong. It can be effortlessly carried by both delicate women and strong individuals. With just the right capacity to hold a phone, iPad, wallet, and other essentials, it suits the modern, independent woman who exudes intelligence and maturity.


BAILA 腋下小包則是出街見朋友,與伴侶拍拖約會,畫龍點睛的小品;

GÍA 我看,是全天候都能用的萬能袋,無論Crossbody or 手挽皆大方得體;

BAILA, the underarm bag, is the perfect accessory for going out to meet friends or having a romantic date with a partner, adding that extra touch of elegance.

GÍA, in my opinion, is a versatile bag that can be used in any weather, whether worn crossbody or held by hand, it exudes grace and sophistication.

(圖片來源:ig @ tfflorence)


我見 JÚNEE 的袋子,無論形狀還是古啞金屬鍊子,都給我古典希臘羅馬時代建築之感。建築亦是 Florence 的靈感來源之一,例如到摩洛哥旅行,到處摩爾式建築的拱門,啟發她採用上半成圓弧的手袋挽帶。

When I see JÚNEE's bags, both in terms of shape and the antique metal chains, they evoke a sense of classical Greek and Roman architectural aesthetics. Architecture is also one of Florence's sources of inspiration. For example, during her trip to Morocco, she was inspired by the Moorish arches found in the country's architecture, which influenced her decision to incorporate semi-circular arcs in the bag handles.  

(圖片來源:ig @ junee_official)


而選用到粗金鏈,除了是 Florence 個人喜歡金色外,更是受到奧地利藝術家 Gustav Klimt 的「金色時期」,用到金箔作畫的藝術啟發。將喜歡看的元素,變成可穿上身的實體物件,對每日創造無形抽象產物的我,是如超能力般的存在,Haizi 表示非常羨慕。

The choice of chunky gold chains, apart from Florence's personal affinity for gold, was also inspired by the "Golden Period" of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, who used gold leaf in his paintings. Transforming beloved visual elements into tangible objects that can be worn is like having a superpower for someone like me, who creates intangible abstract creations every day. Haizi expresses great admiration for that.

 Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907

Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907


靈感亦有來自十分日常之事。例如 JÚNEE 準備推出市場的餃子袋 GYOZA,起源因 Jing 去美國工作,懷念在家鄉吃的蒸餃,碰巧這幾季時尚圈因社會環境,如疫情眾人留在家中等,而重新流行柔軟(softness)觸感,主張隨意、玩味較濃的風格,他們於是大膽設想一個形似餃子的荷葉邊袋,配上大熱的淡紫色和祖母綠,更參考了北南方不同的包餃子方法,最後設計出 GYOZA 這個趣緻款式,我倒是想吃一口(笑)。

 Inspiration also comes from everyday things. For example, JÚNEE's upcoming GYOZA bag was inspired by Jing's experience working in the United States and longing for the steamed dumplings from their hometown. Coincidentally, due to societal circumstances such as the pandemic and people staying at home, there has been a resurgence of softness and a playful, whimsical style in the fashion industry. With this in mind, they boldly conceived a bag with a lotus leaf edge resembling a dumpling, paired with the trendy shades of light purple and emerald green. They also drew inspiration from the different methods of wrapping dumplings in the northern and southern regions. The result is the delightful GYOZA style, and I must say, I'd love to take a bite (chuckles).

JUNEE STUDIO GYOZA bag chocolate

圖片來源:juneestudio.com。CUTEEEEEEEEE 🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟!


用兩個字來形容 JÚNEE ?

Florence 說,第一個字是「Timeless」(永恆,能長期用的)。她希望袋子不止流行幾季,而是十幾年後仍不過時。這亦是她遲遲未能落實,應否出產用人造合成皮革袋子的原因。合成皮是塑膠材質,多以編織布為基底,黏上樹脂 PU 或 PVC,用久後黏面會脫落及龜裂,最多三五七命仔,雖然更符合環保原則,但違背了品牌理念。Florence 將此形容為,在忠於自己和考慮未來環境之間的掙扎,仍在思考。

Florence described JÚNEE in two words. The first word is "Timeless." She envisions the bags to be not just trendy for a few seasons, but to remain timeless even a decade later. This is why she hesitated to produce bags made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather, being a plastic material with a woven fabric base coated with PU or PVC resin, tends to peel and crack after extensive use. Although it aligns with environmental principles, it contradicts the brand's philosophy. Florence described it as a struggle between staying true to oneself and considering future sustainability, an ongoing contemplation. 

第二個字是「Effortless」(輕盈自如,不費力)。Florence 認為每日挽上手的袋子,不應給自己帶來負擔。所以 JÚNEE 袋子的材料除了要夠輕盈,還要耐用,隨心放在何處也不擔心被弄破弄髒。袋子應擔當有利生活,服務自己的角色,而非讓自己時刻緊張,焦頭爛額,比主人更重要的存在。

The second word is "Effortless." Florence believes that a bag carried daily should not burden oneself. Therefore, JÚNEE bags are not only lightweight but also durable, allowing one to place them anywhere without worrying about damage or dirt. Bags should serve a purpose in enhancing one's life rather than causing constant anxiety, making them more important than their owners. 




 When asked about luxury brands or well-known labels, Florence responded confidently, "That means you haven't discovered the world of niche brands yet!" Her straightforward answer immediately sparked laughter. She further explained that if a woman's wardrobe consists only of luxury brand bags, it may indicate that she hasn't given herself the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and try different things.

 「大牌與小眾,可能是『應該 VS 可以』的分別吧。我記得《阿信的故事》一集講到,阿信在髮型屋打工,沒有按照客人要求做遮耳髮型,反而是燙了更適合客人臉型的西洋波浪髮型,顧客醒來大怒,但後來出席宴會,髮型大獲好評。用小眾品牌的人,可說是看到世上的『可以』,而不只是『應該』。」

"The difference between big brands and niche brands may be the distinction between 'should' and 'can.' I remember an episode in 'Ah Sin's Story,' where Ah Sin, working at a hair salon, didn't follow the customer's request for a hairstyle that covered the ears. Instead, she gave the customer a Western wavy hairstyle that suited her face shape. The customer woke up angry, but later received praise for her hairstyle at a party. People who embrace niche brands can be seen as recognizing what 'can' be in the world, rather than just what 'should' be." 


"I don't resist big brands, and I still appreciate a few of them. I also study their latest designs and the inspiration and style of their designers. I even explore the secondhand market. However, I want to emphasize that bags should adapt to my life, not the other way around. I shouldn't be led by bags; I am the protagonist of my own life."


然後 Florence 向我分享了幾個大牌設計師的設計哲學和理念,並講出欣賞與喜愛的原因,包括 Celine 前創意總監 Phoebe Philo 重視舒適、低調極簡的生活態度;

Florence then shared with me the design philosophies and concepts of several renowned designers, expressing her admiration and appreciation for them. This included Phoebe Philo, the former creative director of Celine, who valued a comfortable and understated minimalist lifestyle.

celine Phoebe Philo Phoebe Philo’s Prophetic Fashion

(圖片來源:Google Image Search)


帶 GUCCI 大玩極繁主義( Maximalism)、復古與刺繡元素的 Alessandro Michele;

Carrying GUCCI's maximalist, vintage, and embroidered creations by Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele

(圖片來源:Pinterest Image Search)


以及 Chanel 前掌陀 Karl Lagerfeld 老佛爺創意非常的「包裝膠」袋子。可見 Florence 並不是 盲目排擠大牌 anti-big-brand,純粹她看出袋子的另外可能。 

 as well as the creatively "packaged" bags of Karl Lagerfeld, the former head designer of Chanel, it is evident that Florence is not blindly rejecting big brands or being anti-big-brand. Instead, she sees the alternative possibilities that bags can offer.

chanel bag runway shot

(圖片來源:Google Image Search)



The advantage of niche brands is that they haven't been overly defined or pigeonholed, allowing women to no longer derive their value solely from brands and their logos, but rather use bags to express their personalities and attitudes. Through the process of exploration, imitation, and self-discovery, women can cultivate confidence and courage. If consumers can understand the stories and entrepreneurial reasons behind niche brands, it shows their appreciation for knowledge and substance.


Florence 透露,為去除牌子的符號意義,她甚至想過將 JÚNEE 的名字印在袋子底部,不過後來與 Jing 商量過,認為創業初期最好先讓人熟悉品牌名字,才打消念頭。我個人很喜歡 Florence 這樣膽色過人的前衛想法,希望有朝一日她能造個這樣的袋,我一定會買!

 Florence revealed that she even contemplated printing the JÚNEE name on the bottom of the bags to eliminate the significance of branding symbols. However, after discussing with Jing, she realized it would be better to let people become familiar with the brand name in the early stages of entrepreneurship, so she abandoned the idea. Personally, I admire Florence's avant-garde thinking and bold ideas, and I hope that one day she creates a bag like that. I would definitely buy it!



最後我們聊到,當日我那位朋友說的,「到底女人的手袋」,真的「代表著她的一生」嗎?Florence 的回答是,她認為手袋跟化妝品一樣,是協助女性去達成「當日想擔演的角色」。就如演員穿上不同服裝,成就不同人格設定一樣。與其說一個手袋作為概括女性一生的符號,不如說手袋的多樣多式,展示了女性每日在生活上的各種可能。

Can a woman's life be represented by a handbag?

Lastly, we discussed the statement made by my friend, "Does a woman's handbag truly represent her life?" Florence's response was that she views handbags, like cosmetics, as tools that assist women in embodying the roles they wish to play for the day. Just as actors wear different costumes to portray various character settings, handbags showcase the multitude of possibilities that women have in their daily lives. Rather than a handbag symbolizing the entirety of a woman's life, it is better to see the diverse styles of handbags as a reflection of the different facets of a woman's life.

「尤其是對我們這種,經常喜歡闖,喜歡衝出現狀的人,小眾袋的多樣多變是讓我們昇華自己的契機。所以會買 JÚNEE 的女性,可能本來性格就較英氣大膽!」

"Especially for people like us, who enjoy exploring and breaking free from the status quo, the versatility of niche bags provides us with the opportunity to elevate ourselves. So, women who buy JÚNEE's bags are likely to have bold and daring personalities!"


From representing a lifetime to showcasing daily choices, the philosophies behind them differ greatly. One approach defines oneself through a handbag, establishing a fixed image that is difficult to change. The other approach uses a handbag to express different facets and embrace the potential for change.

我想,這亦是我對 JÚNEE 這個品牌的第一印象,就是充滿可能。如果女人挽手袋的潛在意義,是能帶給擁有者某種理念與想像,那或許名牌給人社會地位、經濟水平、質素和保值等符號價值,而 JÚNEE 則代表著,我本人,才是生命主角的一種宣言。

I believe this is also my initial impression of the JÚNEE brand—it is full of possibilities. If the underlying meaning of a woman's handbag is to impart certain ideals and imaginations, then perhaps luxury brands represent symbols of social status, economic standing, quality, and value, while JÚNEE represents a declaration that the individual herself is the protagonist of her own life. 


跟 Florence 對談的這兩小時,非常盡興。踏入二十代的最後幾年,我的打扮開始趨女性化,多穿了高跟鞋,多挽了手袋。但我發現,手袋裡載的還是沒變:電腦、Ipad、相機、運動衣服,甚至多了個牛龜咁重的無線機械鍵盤,好讓我隨時隨地出街寫字。再回想我朋友那句話,現在的我可能會 spin 一 spin,變成:「女人袋裡的物品,才代表著她人生某階段所重視的價值,所要邁向的目標。而這個袋子,是在旅途上盛載著這些精神理念,又能實際助她一把的工具」。




The two hours of conversation with Florence were incredibly enjoyable. As I entered the final years of my twenties, my style began to lean towards femininity, wearing more high heels and carrying more handbags. Yet, I noticed that the contents of my handbag remained unchanged: a laptop, an iPad, a camera, workout clothes, and even a heavy wireless mechanical keyboard, allowing me to write wherever I go. Reflecting on my friend's statement, I might spin it around now and say, "The items inside a woman's bag represent the values she emphasizes and the goals she strives for in a particular stage of her life. And this bag serves as a vessel that carries these spiritual concepts on her journey while also being a practical tool to assist her."

Regardless of whether it's a big brand or a niche brand, a handbag or a backpack, the most important thing is for the person holding the bag to remain true to themselves.


最後,分享幾項與 JÚNEE Florence 的 Q&A


Finally, I will share some Q&A with JÚNEE Florence:

Q: What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
A: Establishing and managing my own handbag brand involves juggling numerous roles, much like the presence of a thousand-armed Guanyin! (Laughs) It is a form of self-cultivation, akin to practicing yoga.



Q:買 JUNEE 袋的客人,有任何共同特質或一個類型嗎?

Q: Do customers who buy JÚNEE bags share any common traits or belong to a specific type?
A: When customers share pictures of their bags with me, I often take a glimpse into their social media pages. I've noticed that they are individuals who appreciate art and culture, enjoy reading and traveling. They not only value aesthetics but also prioritize personal development and inner growth.


Q:眾所周知 Hermès 袋非常難買,坊間流傳很多方法,你又知道嗎?
A:好多朋友都有問我!但我不太肯定,聽說首先要成為店鋪常客,買夠其他貨品,時機一到售貨員才會拿手袋讓你購買,或跟你提出可訂購的 offer。Good thing takes time! 

Q: It is widely known that Hermès bags are incredibly difficult to purchase, and there are various rumors circulating about methods to acquire them. Do you happen to know any?
A: Many friends have asked me this question! However, I'm not entirely sure. I've heard that one approach is to become a frequent shopper at the store, purchase other items, and when the timing is right, the salesperson will offer you a chance to buy a handbag . Good thing takes time! 

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