Sensational Talk with @styledbytominaga About Unisex Styling

Q: What makes you want to be an art director / stylist? Any interesting things that you could share about being a stylist nowadays?

A: I think visualizing things before anyone and being able to bring my vision to life is what makes me passionate about my work, on both sides, being an art director, to picture exactly what I want, and as a stylist to bring a vision to the details. Nowadays, being a stylist is bringing the fresh air to anything you touch but always going back to fashion history to do your research on what was the trend back in the day and how to make it look new.


Q: We found that you love to style different looks with Glam gold  & pearl accessories , who are your muses? What/How do they inspired you most?

A: I inspire myself a lot in a more classy and chic look, I don’t have any specific muse or person who inspired me. I’m surrounded by things and people that inspires me every day, such as content creators, stylists, creative directors and people who are passionate about what they do.

Q: Is fashion a tool for you to cover your weaknesses & embrace your strength? How?

A: One hundred percent. I don’t need to think twice when it comes to bring fashion as a way to cover my insecurities. I express myself through what I wear and I feel powerful and confident of my body and who I am when I dress the way I want. Fashion is a statement that speaks for itself.

Q: Tell us one of your ALL TIME styling tip ?

A: I would say that my favourite styling tip is to always wear fitted clothes. If you don’t know how to dress or what looks good on your body, go for basic fitted clothes. It looks nice, expensive and you can’t go wrong with clothes that fits your body in a proper way, right?


Q: We love your ways on styling Baila & Estera , could you introduce a bit  of the inspiration and highlights ? Why you pick These 2 bags among all?

A: These two bags are a standout for me. Nice design, craftsmanship and last but not least, it goes well with every outfit. When I’m looking for new bags, I’m always searching for bags that are different from the ones I already have but bags that fits all my looks.

Q: Anything you would like to speak for LGBT community and Rainbow Pride?

A: There are many things that I’d like to say about it because I’m part of this community, but the only thing that comes to my mind is: everyone has their own timing, no need to rush. Be patient and be kind to yourself, remember that you also deserve to love and be loved.

Q: Your recent favourite reading ?

A: I’m not the biggest reader, but I will suggest a book that I’ve read and I’ll never forget about it: Lolita, by Vladmir Nabokov.


GB Transworld/Corgi’s cover, London 1969. 
Image courtesy of Dieter E. Zimma

Q:  First travel destination for post- pandemic/ endemic ?

A: Well, the only place I can’t think about is Japan, since my parents are living there, the first things I wanna do it visit them.

Q: Could you share us on how do you organize your daily to-Do list? And how do you stay efficient?

A: I always write my weekly tasks on my phone and my daily tasks on a paper, so I make sure that I can go through everything and no task is left behind.

img source: apple support

Q: I saw you always create cute Instagram stories, what are your favourite apps?

A: I only use one app to create all my Instagram stories but sometimes I only use the Instagram app itself. The app that I use is called: UNFOLD.


Q: Favourite fashion online stores and offline boutiques?

A: I’m a big fan of vintage clothing, so I’m usually thrift shopping around the city - 70% of my wardrobe is vintage clothing and the other 30% are from brands that I work with, sometime I receive  PR packages. So I don’t shop a lot in order to test my creativity and extend my practice on Sustainability. 

Q: The Next must-have ?

A: I’d say that I’m beginning to think more of timeless items and the only thing I would invest my money on is designer bags and shoes, my two addictions.

Q: Thankyou so much for your time ! We hope to see you soon in person either in Ukraine or Japanese!