JÚNEE is a brand based in New York and Hong Kong, specialising in women’s leather hangbags and small accessories. Founded in 2019 by Florence Tsui and Jing Wang, who have both worked as fashion designers with multi-cultural background across London, New York and Hong Kong, the brand aims to create cool, contemporary yet timeless handbags that complete the wardrobes of modern day women.

The design aesthetics of JÚNEE is highly inspired by fashion, art and architecture. While combining modern and vintage elements with a touch of unexpected playfulness, JÚNEE also puts a meticulous focus on the quality of the materials, craftsmanship and functionality, delivering luxurious feel pieces within contemporary price point that appeals to a wide range of audiences. 



 is a one-of-a-kind girl with no heels , who has a young soul aka cool kid. Who collects life experiences in the way she feels lively. She reads, she loves art & museums ,cryptos . She cares about her figure & health ; physically & mentally , She  has  designer chairs & sculptures, vases in her home . She shares laughter with friends but sometimes she prefers crying out loud alone. She has some small tattoos on her ; the right dose of sexiness and coolness. Sometimes she is careless, and could be a little rough around the edges. 

You could find her has a cute sexy feminine top  with wide leg pants  , square mules or almond toe  Mary Janes , also  switching to being a cool kid wearing shapewear + cropped board shoulder blazer , with dad sneakers  on her delightful weekend , embracing the  free-spirited.

JÚNEE knows there are different faces &  different roles that  women can possibly be. The Duo creates accessories to accompany all #JÚNEEGirls for different occasions. Either on a date to  impress her first crush that shows she is not a price tag worshipper; Or on a day that she needs  a confidence boost for important meetings or interviews. Or going to a casual hangout , enjoying music and having some drinks with her friends.

JUNEE offers accessories that combine a  New York City edge with laid-back Cali ease. Every single piece can contain little contradictions, similar to Gemini's multi personae.